Random Ramblings Of the Mind

Somewhere near Madrid

She looked at people that criss-crossed her throughout the streets. Sea of people. Random people. Who are probably crossing her for the first and the last time. For a split second, you see their faces,never ever to meet again. And if you meet, would you remember you have met before? Our mind is capable of so many things, but it cannot store the faces of persons that we see everyday. Can it?
Today she felt a bit different. The people she saw, she tried to dig deep into their faces. She tried to feel them as more than just a random person walking by.She tried to feel about their life. Where are they headed to? What must have happened? What is their purpose of coming to this city? How deep they must have fallen in love, or how many heartbreaks they have endured? A wind blew across her face,she was shocked for a second and she could smell the wind laden with the smell of impending rain!

Somewhere near Budapest

He thought woke up with a sudden shock. He felt his brain cells getting energized. He suddenly felt rejuvenated.He felt he could do anything at that point of time. His heartbeats increased. He didn’t feel the same since a long long time.It seemed he was hibernating for a long long time, and suddenly this particular song,and this book he was reading,as if gave him a shock treatment and here he was,up from his slumber.He needed it.
You live in this delicate cocoon of life,and you believe you are living. You work,take care of your families,take a bus,eat and sleep. You feel restless.You feel you are doing good until suddenly you read this book and feel that,no,you were not living but hibernating, and you thank this book for saving you from the endless loop of hibernation,boredom,monotonous-ness.
A wind blew across his face,he was shocked for a second and could smell the wind laden with the smell of impending rain!

Somewhere near Kolkata

Her eyes measured the darkness in the room. The room was devoid of a presence, a presence which had illuminated the room and her life. Now, what remained, was the crumbled shirt on the corner,a strange smell emanating from it.
Love arrives when it should and leaves exactly when it must. Sometimes it stays forever. Sometimes, probably, love can’t stay. Sometimes, probably, it shouldn’t.
Maybe the next love would be asleep, somewhere,in some corner, in this world. Maybe love will arrive, again, after twenty years. Or maybe love would arrive for a split second, today,and stay for a week.Maybe you are not ready for the next jump at love, and love is not ready for a jump at you.Maybe love is there in every child that smiles at you, in every dog that you play with, in every old age home you visit,in that food that you eat.
You always need someone to get over someone.An empty jar must be filled with water. And empty heart,with a distraction,a replacement.Emptiness is tough guy to deal with. To save yourself from the ever increasing pain, you need to run,keep running to fill the emptiness with a distraction,to fill the hollow with attachments after attachments,and if it overflows,jump back to more distractions.
A wind blew across her face,she was shocked for a second and could smell the wind laden with the smell of impending rain!

Somewhere near Cherrapunji

Rains. Finally the Rains.The Rains make you feel less alone.Imagine sitting all alone,in your room and the sudden downpour makes you feel like, yes, there is a presence engulfing me, my thoughts,my perfections, my imperfections.
You feel about the cloud,that shatters and falls on you in the form of rain.It feels good because you know for sure that things in nature shatters too! Then,the best thing that you can do is open the windows and soak in the rain. Feel the rain caressed winds onto your face.Dance.Sing.Be a bit insane for a few moments.Break the shackles that bind you in your daily routine.Act like a young happy and excited kid without thinking of anybody or the deadlines or the stress. Cause that is what you would remember.Cause these moments are the one to saviour now.Cause these moments are precious.These insane moments are the one to live by!


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